executive charters

The market for air taxi has been constantly developing in the past years as it becomes an important tool for business and pleasure trips. Some advantages of this kind of services are flexibility, privacy, time saving, comfort, convenience, flying to regions not attended by scheduled flights.


No matter if you are willing to accomplish a tight schedule in many different cities or traveling to enjoy good moments, chartering an executive aircraft with Fly Easy is the best solution for customers looking for excellence services.


commercial charters

Chartering for groups is an excellent option for companies looking for incentive, corporate or tourism travels. Also it is the best choice for sport teams or fans.


The benefits are many:

- Flying to locations without scheduled services;

- Many different types of aircraft to attend many customer needs;

- Customized service where the customer can chose many details as on board catering, videos (including promotional corporate films), personalized headrests and napkins;

- Easy check-in with exclusive counters;

- Account manager available 24/7;

- Special management during all the flight process from the quote request stage to flight report.




Fly Easy specializes in developing customized solutions for the air cargo industry. With technical and market knowledge of the cargo aviation market across the globe we offer

tailored solutions for each customer. Focusing on long-term relationships rather than purely commercial relations we have each client as a unique partner. Working with transparency we always seek to maximize our customers’ commercial and logistics benefits from our services.


Types of Charter:

:: Full charter: fully dedicated aircraft. Customer pays for the positioning leg from aircraft’s base all the way to the main route until it arrives to offload point. Benefits: Full control of operation by the client. As it’s a 100% dedicated operation the risks of any delay are minimized.


:: Part charter: aircraft is shared by two or more customers. It happens when two or more clients are looking for similar routings and their cargo volumes do not require a full dedicated aircraft. Benefits: shared plane, shared costs. Each customer pays for a part of the flight.


:: One way charter: availability subject to another charter with positioning legs available. It happens when a customer charters a plane with empty legs and a second client takes one or more empty legs to bring his cargo. Benefits: highly reduced costs once all the legs have been paid by the first customer.


* We provide solutions to any kind of industry: automotive, oil and gas, mining, pereshibles, livestock, dangerous goods, aerospace, machinery, AOG, ou any other type of cargo.


* We work with any kind of aircraft: from helicopters and turboprops to transport a few kilograms to super heavy cargo aircrafts to transport 200 metric tons or more.


* We provide domestic and international routings anywhere in the globe. Even if you require it away from your base country!


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